150-year-old Kharghar well to get a new lease of life

NAVI MUMBAI: A 150-year-old country well in sector 12, Kharghar, is getting a new lease of life with City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) finally taking up the job to renovate it.

Known as Kumbar ‘Bawdi’, the well was lying in neglect for many years. Over the last two decades, rapid urbanization decayed it completely.

The country well was the sole water resource for locals in Kharghar. But with urbanization, the area started getting pipe water. So, locals stopped fetching water from the well. As time passed, the residents even began dumping waste in the 52-foot well.

Vijay Patil, a social activist, said, “We have informed Cidco about the well and are happy that the planning body has shown interest and started renovating it. We hope the well is made useful for the public, especially in the wake of water scarcity.”

Mohan Ninawe, chief PRO, Cidco, confirmed that renovation work had started. However, he added that the water sample would be tested first to ascertain if it was potable. “Right now our priority is to preserve the well,” he added.

Navi Mumbai is a conglomeration of 28 villages where wells played a vital role. After acquiring land for development, Cidco took the initiative to preserve wells.

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