Give protection to mangroves in Navi Mumbai: Greens to NMMC

With World Environment Day on Friday, environmentalists and activists in Navi Mumbai are concerned about the number of issues that plague the satellite city. From the perennial garbage problem to dumping debris in mangroves and incessant cutting of trees, activists and residents feel that the newly elected civic body should prioritize these issues and find long lasting solutions.

Kharghar resident and noted environmentalist Dr Shubhalakshmi said Navi Mumbai should have more green cover. “The existing water bodies should be safeguarded and protected. Also if the public transport services were better there would be less private vehicles on the road,” she said.

Vashi resident Nilesh Kant explained that a better garbage system would do wonders for the environment. He said that some nodes have a good system in place but there are others where regular garbage collection is a problem.

“Often trees are trimmed or cut and the branches are left on the pavement to be cleared. Often this takes days, making the area look like a mess,” he said. Environmentalist D Stalin said he believed that the city’s wetlands should be given special protection.

“This is a severe threat to Navi Mumbai. Trees are being cut for development and construction and as a result much of the green cover is lost. They are being chopped away without any consideration,” Stalin added.


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