Parking charges outside Kharghar station too high

Kharghar Railway Station

Kharghar Railway Station

NAVI MUMBAI: Residents have objected to the parking rates outside railway stations and called them restrictive and expensive.

“Earlier this month, Cidco floated new tenders for parking outside Kharghar and Mansarovar railway stations. Residents want the rates to reduce soon,” said Nitin Kandhari, a local BJP functionary.

He said he wrote to Cidco and asked for an immediate rate revision. He argued that the people who lived in these areas would not be able to pay Rs 8 for a four-hour car parking slot and Rs 6 for a 12-hour spot for bikes everyday.

“For a normal office-goer who wants to avoid autos, the two-wheeler or the car has to be parked for at least 12 hours in the parking lot outside the station as the residents travel by train to Mumbai. They only return late at night, so the parking charges cost nearly Rs 24-32 for cars,” said Vishnu Gavali, an activist from Khanda Colony.

He said that he had reports that attendants try to fleece gullible motorists by overcharging.

“The working class does not have the time to go to the authorities and complain. I request Cidco to intervene and ask the operator to lower the rates,” he said.

However, a Cidco official defended the rate by saying, since the number of cars and bikes has increased exponentially over the past five years, it was necessary to have well-managed parking lots. “Compared to Mumbai, parking is cheaper here,” said an official. But activists debate that there is room to maneuver in the charges.

“We feel that a 12-hour slot for cars should be Rs 10 not Rs 24,” Kandhari argued.

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